The IFDC Debuts at the White House

Pradeep Sharma FLYEASE IFDC board member and Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) Provost Pradeep Sharma (second from left) moderating a panel featuring Kathy D. Woods, fashion designer for little people; Matthew Walzer, inspiration for Nike’s FLYEASE shoe; and Tobie Hatfield, Nike Chief Innovation Officer and designer of the FLYEASE shoe.

The Inclusive Fashion & Design Collective (IFDC) debuted Thursday, September 15, at The White House, as part of their #DesignForAll initiative. The event aimed to “highlight the ways that assistive technology breaks down barriers, reduces stigma, and improves the quality of life for Americans with disabilities.” The occasion also showcased “innovative manufacturing, programs, and policies occurring at the local level.”

Sinead Burke Rebecca Cokley IFDC Collective Chair Sinéad Burke and Rebecca Cokley, Executive Director of National Council on Disability, meeting for the first time in person.

Members and supporters of the Inclusive Fashion & Design Collective created an energetic live audience, while many others joined remotely through live-stream. Pradeep Sharma, IFDC board member and Provost of Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), moderated a panel discussion that included Tobie Hatfield, Nike Chief Innovation Officer and designer of the Nike FLYEASE shoe, and Kathy D. Woods, fashion designer for adult little people.

Andraea ABL Andraea LaVant, Inclusion Senior Specialist and Advisory Panel Director for the IFDC, wearing and featured alongside member of the IFDC’s Stephanie Alves’ ABL Denim, during the White House’s #DesignForAll fashion show.

We would like to thank our friends at IMG, TED, RISD, and the National Council on Disability for advocating for and attending our debut. The support of these organizations at the White House validates the importance of the IFDC—the necessity of inclusive design for the customer, the designer, and most importantly, the economy.

Mama Cax Alleles New York City blogger Mama Càx wearing and featured alongside McCauley Wanner and Ryan Palibroda of ALLELES Design Studio, who produce prosthetic covers.